Congrats to Caviar and Cigarettes Vintage!

Congrats to Blondie on re-opening her beautiful, well-curated vintage shop on University (at Acton). Please go visit, you will be blown away by her merch. I have the privilege of featuring a collection of Caviar and Cigarettes' upscale vintage pieces at our Better Than Black Friday party this Friday, 11.9 from 6-9. Location: ClosetKarma, 863A San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA. Please join us!
Have to add: I'm not sure people realize how hard small business owners such as Blondie and myself work. Not just about selling clothes folks. Never mind the countless hours of bookkeeping involved. Maintenance, physical work like painting, hauling, the plumbing racks Blondie and I have both installed. Oy, the aches and pains (and little sleep). And, all our families put up with so we can follow our dream. Please, please show your support if you enjoy what we have to offer.

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