PLEASE NOTE: As of 09/18, we are not accepting consignment due to overstock and space limitations. We will update you on any change of policy asap! Thanks for your understanding.

Consignment Policies

Thank you for your interest in ClosetKarma! Please review the following policies created in order to provide the best possible shopping experience for sellers and buyers alike.

Items accepted are limited to women’s designer clothing, jewelry and accessories. Designer labels and current season styles are most desirable. All items accepted are at the discretion of ClosetKarma.

Local pickup may be available by request (within Northern CA/Bay Area. Please call to confirm.

All items must be in new, like-new, or excellent condition: no holes, tears, stains, odors, etc. Items must be clean and pressed (when applicable). ClosetKarma does not offer dry cleaning services, and cannot accept items not "floor ready".

The following method is used to determine suggested pricing:

Original retail value is determined by Client’s receipts (when possible), or by estimates based on reseaerch of same brand/similar items.  A percentage of original retail value is then calculated based on condition using the following scale:

40% New

35% Preowned/Like New

30% Preowned/Excellent

25% Preowned/Very Good

Pricing may be altered per Client request.

Clients are paid 50% of final sale price for each item by either Paypal or check (less any dry cleaning fees). Payments are made upon Client request.

Items for sale will be listed at the original minimum bid price for 90 days.  After that time prices will be reduced by 5% each week until they are sold.

ClosetKarma does not guarantee sale of any item.

Unsold items may be returned at any time upon request. Pickup of unsold items is the responsibility of the Client. Unsold items may also be donated if preferred.